List of Books

Vampires Among Us

Vampires Among Us, VAU 1

A Special Gift, VAU 2

A New Day Dawns, VAU 3

Monster Mob

My Vampire, MM 1

My Werebear, MM 2 (coming soon)

Stand Alone Titiles

Mistletoe & Fangs, A Christmas Anthology

Texas Vampire Rangers

Up In Smoke, TVR 1 (coming soon)

Dragons of Dragonose

Sapphamire, DoD 1

Fire & Ice, DoD 2

Ivromantis, DoD 3

Remathyst, DoD 4

Rubinmire, DoD 5

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Our Book Series

Dragons of Dragonose

Vampires Among Us

Mistletoe & Fangs: A Christmas Anthology

Monster Mob