Mistletoe & Fangs: A Christmas Anthology with a Bite

Grab a cup of tea or hot cocoa and enjoy these three heart-warming stories proving even the paranormal world gets into the holiday spirit.  

Santa Vamp:   While out hunting his evening meal, vampire Garrett runs into a woman he mistakenly thinks is robbing the local Thrift Store.  When he goes to investigate, he discovers she’s his mate!  Why would fate give him a thief for a mate?  

Bree works at the local Thrift Store and spends every extra penny to help friends in need.  It’s a week before Christmas, and she has finally paid for the items she needs to help twenty-five needy families get through the holiday season.  

Once Garrett discovers what his mate is really doing, he must do some soul searching.  He finds himself lacking, as he gave up on mankind numerous years ago.  Is it too late for an old vampire to change his ways?   

The Music Box:  Alexander St. Claire fell in love with a human woman many years ago who could not deal with the fact he is a vampire.  He stepped out of her world, allowing her to marry a human man and have a family.  He has silently watched over the family for years, helping when he could, all good deeds done anonymously.  But now, it’s Christmas Eve, and the woman he fell in love with so long ago is sitting in a retirement home Alex owns.  When he stops in to wish the residents a Merry Christmas, Adel’s granddaughter shows up, making him wonder if he made a mistake all those years ago.  

A Christmas with the O’Rourkes:  Join our favorite vampires as they celebrate the holidays.  Stephanie is excited to celebrate Christmas with her family and loved ones.  But the adults soon discover this little girl has plans of her own to celebrate the season of giving.


***Each paperback book includes story art by Lady V***

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Artwork by Lady V