History of Dragonose 

     Humanity had lived and feared the beasts around them for many, many years.  Some of these beasts were very large.  Not only could they fly, but their jaws could snap a man in half in the blink of an eye.  Some had scales, some not, and often the different beasts did not get along.  As they battled it out for a show of dominance, the earth would tremble, until finally, the fight would end with death.  Only then would the other beast walk or fly away as the victor. 

     Humans tried to stay as far away from the beasts as they could.  They lived in caves but were sometimes forced out of their own homes when creatures suddenly took over.  And, of course, man was also forced to go out and find food.  To do this, he put himself in grave danger of these beasts.  

    Far, far away, on the other side of the galaxy, was the realm of Dragonose.  Humans did not know this realm.  It was a magical place, created for a particular time that was fast approaching.  

    There have been many speculations, scientific and educated beliefs about what happened to both the dinosaurs and humanity's beginning.  But, to date, man has yet to discover Dragonose.  And so he has been kept in the dark all these years as to what happened.  The dinosaurs?  They were deemed more trouble than they were worth.  Many dinosaurs were giants but with virtually no brain.  When the meteor hit the earth, it changed the lives of all who lived on the planet.  The dinosaurs were deemed disposable.  Only a few survived, and because of the fall-out from the meteor, they were significantly reduced in size.  They are what man knows today as alligators, bearded dragons, Chinese water dragons, geckos, and lizards.  

     But the gods looked down on both man and the dragons that roamed the earth.  The dragons were graceful creatures but with little intelligence.  Humans were not so elegant but had learned to adapt to their surroundings and had proven capable of educating themselves.  So what would happen if the two became one? 

    The gods controlled the meteor that hit the earth that fateful day long, long ago.  Although it killed many, they deemed certain men and dragons worthy enough to be instantly transported to Dragonose.  

    Since then, man and beast have shared one body.  These creatures can shift from human to dragon and back to a human whenever the need arises.  Centuries have passed, and with time these creatures have learned to get along with one another.  The land of Dragonose has evolved and is now civilized and cultured, a world to be revered.  

     But, as often is the case, some think Dragonose shouldn’t exist.  The worst of them are the Raptorians.  The Raptorians are powerful enemies to the Dragonose land and its inhabitants.  These creatures come from the world Raptor and also have the ability to shift from man to beasts.  They take on a T-Rex look in their beast form, but are shorter, have longer snouts, and vicious razor-sharp teeth.  Most of these creatures stand approximately nine to twelve feet tall in their shifted form and believe that they should rule the world.  

    Dragonose has had many skirmishes with their enemies and knows there will be more to come.  Thankfully, the Raptorians have not discovered the portals the Dragonose people hold in tight secret.  These portals allow them to easily step from their world on Dragonose to Earth and back again.  

     The only problem Dragonose has is its shortage of females.  No one knows why the male birth rate has been 5-1 to that of females.  This situation has sent many of the Dragonose males to earth to find a mate.  Some have happily resettled on earth, and the only time they return to their homeland is when their king summons them.  Others came to earth with no real intention of staying any length of time.  What surprised them was to find out they were not the only different species on the planet.  They soon discovered many other species in shapeshifters, vampires, elves, etc., all living and sharing the same air and land.  All share the same secret because humans are just not evolved enough to understand they are not the only life forms in the universe.  

     And the portals?  They are guarded and protected by the Dragons, with very few knowing of their existence.  Not even the high council, who governs all “others” while on earth, knows of their existence.  The Dragonose biggest fear is that eventually, the Raptorians will discover one of these secret portals, which will allow them to reach earth.  And that will be a terrible day indeed because today’s humans could not even begin to win against an army of Raptorians.