Fire & Ice, Dragons of Dragonose 2

Twin dragon shifters Adrian and Aiden Barrymire come to Earth to find their mate.  Their father, King Thoran, gives them six months.  They find her in Hoboken, NJ, with danger following close behind.  When someone blows up her car and severely injures Evangelina in the process, the twins decide to take her home to Dragonose. 

Evangelina was having a bad week.  First, her ex-boyfriend broke into her apartment, destroying almost everything she owned.  Then, someone blows her car up the following day, almost taking her with it. Thankfully, her best friend, Angel, was near and called an ambulance.  Both women have no idea how their lives are about to take a bizarre turn.  

When their mate’s best friend frantically calls stating Evangelina is injured, the twins go into action.  They steal both girls and make an emergency trip to Dragonose, even though taking Angel through the portal is strictly against the rules.  But the men will do anything to save their mate’s life, even face punishment from the king. 

Evangelina wakes up in a strange land, and surprisingly, feeling good considering she nearly died.  But when everyone around her starts spouting off about dragon shifters, foreign land, castles, kings, and princes, she wonders what rabbit hole she fell down.  When her best friend insists they are telling the truth, Evangelina begins to wonder what is in store for her at the end of this amazing journey.

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